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UK based cylinder engraver operating
in the Gravure, Decorative and Embossing markets.


Riverside Gravure offers a wide range of techniques and specifications for the engraving of gravure cylinders


Riverside Gravure offers techniques and specifications for a wide range of markets

Research & Development

Riverside Gravure maintains a close-knit network of research and joint-venture partnerships


Using a variety of technologies and specifications that allows us to service the print and emboss industries

About Riverside Gravure Ltd.

We are the only UK based cylinder manufacturer with in house “Direct laser to metal” capabilities.

We have a very skilled and motivated workforce which is key to success in the fast-paced and demanding manufacturing industry that we belong to.
We are a customer-focused organisation who will work with you to achieve your print requirements.

Supplying cylinders to the flexible packaging, tobacco, labelling, decorative, security and coatings markets. Through our innovation and development programmes we can produce cylinders with resolutions up to 500 lines/cm.

At these resolutions, micro-text, overt and covert security features and micro-embossing are achieved. With our ability to produce cylinders with resolutions down to 5 lines/cm, tactile, glitters, colour change, and high coating weights can also be achieved.

Our latest developments have allowed us to produce embossing cylinders up to 400 microns in depth.

With our Mastercell engraving technique, high coat weights with sharp edges are produced.